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Summer Catering

I’m sure you have heard, in a little less than a month we will be allowed some normalcy again. We are hoping to help all our previous clients who were not allowed to cater food for their employees to do so again!

As always, we will still take serious precautions regarding all our food preparations from start to finish. We can individually pack your catered meals for a quick grab and go from just about any menu we have. We can provide a sanitizing station for onsite events and use clam shells so the guest can close their food up and take it to their designated eating station if need be. We cook on site and serve, we deliver and serve, drop off or you can pick up!

Great food is the best “pick me up” and adds so much positivity to any and every event!

Let us know what you can and/or cannot do and we will help you figure it out. Call 626-915-5879 or 626-974-9991 and ask for extension 101 or go to www.buckboardcatering.com and order online.

We’d love to help with any food needs you have.


Thank You for your time,

Buckboard BBQ & Catering and Pizza Chalet

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