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Re: Your Pizza Order

When people think of catering they very seldom think about Pizza – We cater our Pizzas all the time.

This Veggie Beauty is a favorite. Our Pizza sizes start at mini for one or two people to Jumbo Pizzas with 12 hearty pieces, cheese only or 4+ toppings or an already topped out specialty pizza!

Our pizzas are fresh never frozen with fresh cut toppings everyday and since we only have one size crust you don’t have to worry about those who prefer thin or thick crust, ours is a very happy medium.

So let us know how many people you want to feed, how many pieces you want each person to have and we can let you know how many pizzas you need!

Online ordering at www.buckboardcatering.com or give us a call at 626-974-9991 or 626-915-5879



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