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NEW Coming Monday!





We are ready to launch this great addition to our menu! There are days we know you are in a hurry and can’t wait for your meal to be cooked and although we aren’t fast food and we do give good food fast, we understand it might not be fast enough! So you can choose any combination of these items, one choice, two choices or three choices for $4, $7.50, or $9.99! Grab a drink, a salad and sandwich or 3 drinks or 2 drinks and a sandwich or just one slice of pizza or 3 salads, ANY combination! The more you buy the less it costs!  You will be able to come in and pick it up as it will be ready made for your easy access – you will be able to order and pay online as well!


We are very excited about this and can’t wait to get it started! Plus since you’ve been waiting so patiently,  the INTRODUCTORY week of Feb. 28-March 4th we are giving you this Special Bargain for  50% off!!



Let us know how we can help with any other food needs!

Contact us at 626-915-5879 or 626-974-9991 ext 101

Looking forward to seeing you soon whether at the restaurant or at your event!


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