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Make Life Less Taxing with a Buckboard Burger


Sometimes you just need a break. And though we can’t give you the tax break you are hoping for, Buckboard BBQ and Pizza Chalet can at least make life a little less taxing during this year’s tax season.

Leave your 1040EZ, 1099, and W-9’s behind and come get one of our famous Burgers like the one above.

We have an Ortega Green Chile Cheeseburger, a Buckboard Chili Cheeseburger, A Pastrami Burger, BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, or a Smokehouse Burger with cheese, pulled pork, bacon, hotlink sausage, onion ring and BBQ sauce!

Call 626-915-5879 or 626-974-9991 or order online at www.buckboardbbq.com

You will feel much better about your taxes after filling up with one of these 1/2 lb Red Oak Grilled Angus Buckboard BBQ Burgers!


Let us know how we can help with any other food needs you may have.


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