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Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet Offering Grab-N-Go

Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet Offering Grab-N-Go to Mix and Match Your Meal and Save Takeout Delivery Fees

Quality barbecue meal prepared to order at Buckboard BBQ – ready for fast pick-up option

Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet, which has been serving authentic and traditional Santa Maria-style barbecue since 1991, today announced a new Grab-N-Go option for takeout convenience and savings. You can now pick up the best quality meal without all added costs and long wait times.

Located at 461 S. Citrus Ave. in Covina, Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet developed its money-saving concept because food takeout and food delivery wait time options have considerably changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We developed our Fast Good Food Concept for the best quality meal to meet the needs of our customers,” said the owner of Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet, Cam Saylor. “Customers in Covina don’t always have time to wait for a quality meal to be prepared. The last two years made us rethink every aspect of our business. We know that delivery service companies have made convenience the new normal, but they have fees and if you are really hungry – long delivery times.”


Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet now offers Pick 1 for $4, 2 for $7 or 3 for $9.99. This applies to any combination. Customers can walk in and pay by scanning a QR code. It is a great option for quality self-serve food for those on the run.


“Simply walk up, grab, pay and go. Grab-N-Go is not fast food, so preparing a meal when students or people are on a short lunch takes more time than a drive-in option. We have solved the problem with a way to custom order in advance so your food is ready when you get to our door,” Saylor added.


Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet features full-service catering with Santa Maria-style barbecue, hickory smoked ribs and award-winning Buckboard Chili. Customers also enjoy traditional Western and Mexican-themed El Ranchero barbecue, along with a full complement of non-barbecue menus. Customers can mix and match their meals and larger orders provide diners large discounts. Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet offers more than 20 self-service items from which to choose online with delicious condiments to dress up a meal.


For more information on Grab-N-Go, visit buckboardcatering.com/grab-n-go-in-house-frozen or stop by the restaurant today to place an order.




About Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet
Our restaurant, Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet, is located in the city of Covina, CA, where we feature “Santa Maria Style” barbecue. “Santa Maria Style” barbecue began with the Spanish settlement of California well over a century ago, and has become synonymous with great food and hospitality. Since 1991, we have had the privilege of serving ‘authentic’ and ‘traditional’ “Santa Maria Style” barbecue.

Cam Saylor, Owner
Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet