» » Pizza And More At Pizza Chalet Covina

Pizza And More At Pizza Chalet Covina

Join Us For Pizza, Wings, Beer and Sports.  Family atmosphere for teams, friends, birthday parties, banquets and more.  Community active with youth sports and high school sponsorship.

  • Pepperoni, sausage, onions, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms and fresh Meatballs, sausage and pepperoni
  • Mozzarella, parmesan, artichoke hearts and fresh garlic
  • Ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan sprinkled with fresh garlic & basil
  • Fresh marinated roasted red pepper sprinkled with savory pesto
  • Fresh garlic, basil, parmesan and mozzarella, topped with sliced tomatoes
  • Grilled chicken and spicy buffalo sauce with blue cheese dressing

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